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Rimmer Pro


his is the typeface Jim Rimmer was working on before his passing in early 2010. Its working title was Dubloon, and it was intended for use in a private press edition of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. While undergoing cancer treatment, and upon being informed that the work on the face would be resumed by colleagues, Jim, who had never titled any of his typefaces eponymously, requested that its name be changed to Rimmer. He left us with clear guidelines for a roman with small caps, and a basic italic.

Upon Canada Type’s repatriation of Jim’s work in 2012, plans were drawn up to issue this face as a two-weight family with italics, for a total of four fonts. Its production was to be part of a comprehensive remastering project of the entirety of Jim’s type work, though for practical and logistical reasons it was placed way down the queue. The remastering project proved to be quite time-consuming, taking a few detours and side turns, and the Rimmer family completion languished with it. When the work resumed on it a few years later, the family was re-envisioned in an expanded framework, with more weights and many additional features within a modern interpolation environment.

The Rimmer Pro family, completed in the spring of 2023, is now on par with Jim’s other workhorse families like Albertan Pro and Amethyst Pro. It is also the first Jim Rimmer typeface to be issued as variable fonts. The Rimmer Pro family is very much a natural step in the evolution of Jim’s type design. Though in his characteristic self-deprecation he humbly called it his “quirky left-handed calligraphy,” it really is a clean classic roman with strong serifs and a DNA sharing quite a few strands with Stern Pro and Amethyst Pro, two other beautiful typefaces by this legendary Canadian designer.

For sample settings and detailed information about Rimmer Pro’s features, please see this PDF.

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