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Amethyst Pro


he Amethyst typeface started its journey as a set of Goudyesque caps (initially named Maxwellian) drawn by Jim Rimmer in 1994 for occasional use at the Pie Tree Press shop in New Westminster. Over the next four years, lowercase and italics were added in two weights, and initial showings of the budding set propelled it to be one of Serif magazine’s 1998 typographic design competition winners shortly before the publication went out of business. The face’s first serious press trials were conducted in 2002 by Andrew Steeves in Kentville, Nova Scotia, where Amethyst was used to set Peter Sanger’s book Spar: Words in Place and the Gaspereau Press 2002 book catalogue. Jim kept revising his design over the next few years, and by the time P22 Type Foundry began publishing his work under their RTF label in 2006, Amethyst had been redrawn and expanded into a six-weight family with accompanying italics and roman small caps.

After Jim’s body of work was repatriated by Canada Type in 2012, the entire RTF library was set to undergo extensive remastering and expansion — an overarching project that would require more than a dozen years to bring to completion. Amethyst’s part of this project proved to be time-consuming and demanding in general, mainly because there were many aesthetic revisions in different versions released over two decades, as well as considerations to be made for feature additions and modern typographic layout requirements.

So now, just short of three decades after those early Maxwellian caps were drawn, the efforts of four different type designers involved in this remastering project result in Amethyst Pro, a workhorse family just as fit for immersive text as it is for titling and display use in both ink and pixel. Each of Amethyst Pro’s 12 fonts includes plenty of the bells and whistles fine typography practitioners have come to expect from their tools. There are small caps included in every font, eight types of figures, automatic fractions, ligatures of the standard and discretionary varieties, many stylistic alternates, as well as italic swashes for both caps and small caps.

We tried to push Jim’s wonderful design as close as possible to its full potential, and we like to believe that our efforts would have made him proud. We know how useful this typeface is because we’ve seen it firsthand on many occasions. We hope Amethyst Pro helps elevate your typographic work above and beyond satisfactory levels.

For sample settings and detailed information about Amethyst Pro’s features, please see this PDF.

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