The Gibson font family hits the right spot for many people and on many levels. It is a humanist sans serif typeface designed by eminent Canadian type designer Rod McDonald FGDC, and produced by Canada Type, to honour John Gibson FGDC (1928–2011), Rod’s long-time friend and one of the original founders of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (DesCan, formerly GDC).

As well as paying tribute to John Gibson’s productive life and love of the typographic arts, the Gibson family was intended to be a mainstay of the future of Canadian design education. Many Canadian design schools and institutions made it part of their larger type education programs.

Since its release in 2011, Gibson’s clean features and various application fits made it the most used Canadian typeface both nationally and globally. It has become a universal favourite for corporate and branding directors as well as UX designers and entertainment creatives.

The Gibson family comes in 9 weights ranging from Thin to Heavy, and their matching italics for a total of 18 fonts. Each of the Gibson fonts comes with more than 400 glyphs and extended support for Latin languages. The Gibson VF variable fonts, added in 2023, are included with the license of the complete Gibson package. The entirety of Gibson’s sales revenues are used to support a variety of causes aiming to improve the typographic arts and elevate design education in Canada.

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