ame over. Insert coin to continue. 1 coin, 1 play. Credits 00.

Video is the oldest child of arcade alphabets. Not too trendy, not too retro, not too stand-out, yet clear and fresh.

Although it boasts plenty of the traits of its origins (early screen technologies), it manages to maintain a balance between the elements of its 1970s roots and the mechanical yet transparent late 20th century techno/pop design. Precise and geometric, solid and strong, Video looks great on screen as well as in print, in tracked small sizes, and in teaser headlines.

Video comes in two widths and five weights. Each font contains small caps, biform shapes (and small-cap ones), quite a few sets of numerals (enclosed, superiors, inferiors, etc.), automatic fractions, and lots of symbols. All fonts are Pan-Eruopean — they contain support for the majority of Latin languages, as well as Cyrillic and Greek glyph sets.

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