Tupelo Pro


Tupelo Pro


hilip Bouwsma’s offbeat mind, always working in mysterious ways, brings us one of the unlikeliest syntheses of historical influences in a perfectly fluid, organic, and highly expressive connected script.

Tupelo takes its inspirational roots from the handwritings of two of the most influential men in world history: Elvis Presley and Abraham Lincoln. It took some research and analysis on Bouwsma’s part to reveal that The King’s and Honest Abe’s methods of writing shared a common ancestor: a writing system they had both learned as youths during their early school years. While Tupelo’s lowercase maintains the slant, colour, texture, and flourish of Elvis’s handwriting, its uppercase is the embodiment of Lincoln’s well-versed originality. This is the closest a typeface has ever come, in its timeliness and historic relevance, to making a statement about the modern day fusion of politics and popular culture.

Tupelo Pro comes with over 840 glyphs, including sets of swash caps, beginning and ending letters, plenty of stylistic alternates and extras, and extended Latin language support. Elvis and Abe would be proud!

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