or Jamie Chang, Tumba is personal and professional evolution embodied in a typeface. The work on it started while Jamie was finishing his undergraduate studies at York University in Toronto. Then Tumba travelled with him through a Type@Cooper stint in New York City, a year’s worth of skill honing at Canada Type, another year’s worth of experience at a UK font development studio, through his Master TypeMedia studies at the KABK in The Hague, and back to Canada Type in Toronto. It’s the kind of time capsule full of memory markers a person carries for a lifetime.

Tumba draws its inspiration from two different historic genres, the uncial and the blackletter, and manages to interpret those old forms through a modern lens with a unique stroke and ductus.

Essentially informed by the use of a flat brush, Tumba began as a series of experiments aiming to find a way of writing fraktur-like forms in a more fluid, organic way. Each letter’s ductus becomes focused on reducing the form’s weight at its midsection. Downward strokes follow the natural curve of the brush’s axis, then each character’s baseline is bulked up with a terminating stroke. The result is an overall character with proportions similar to an uncial script, a texture somewhat reminiscent of reversed-contrast faces, and a personality that is at once contemporary and medieval.

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