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Taboo Pro


aboo Pro is a versatile font family inspired by the magnificent geometric experiments made by Armenian lettering artist Fred Africkian during the late 1970s. Virtually unknown in the west, Africkian was one of the most talented eastern block artists. Though mainly a calligrapher working with traditional tools, he embraced geometry on multiple occasions for the sake of drawing simple modern Armenian and Cyrillic alphabets. Though he normally tried to maintain in his work a certain homage to Mesrop Mashtots (5th century Armenian monk who invented the Armenian alphabet), his late 1970s experiments made use of so many modern elements that the results were hailed as “real art mingled with science.”

The principal idea behind the Taboo Pro family is simple geometry of constant counter space and identical horizontals, with the verticals serving as the main index of weight and width. The forms inflate gradually and geometrically, but their core remains unchanged. The applications of such interchanging abilities are limitless. Add to that a few on-demand decorative elements, and science becomes art.

Each of the Taboo Pro fonts comes with an expanded Latin language support and over 650 glyphs. Many stylistic variants are built into the fonts, including a unicase/biform set.

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