he Canada Type library has acquired a reputation for housing some of the most eye-catching and popular hippie and funk fonts. Kevin King wanted to be part of the hype, so he got the green light to get down and boogie, and Spadina is the result.

Based on a 1971 Karlo Wagner design called Fortunata, Spadina is the kind of art nouveau face that mixes influences so crazily it may as well be an acid flashback. When you look closely at the individual letters, there is no telling what mood will pop up in your face. It’s got some blackletter elements, nineteenth century ornamentals, some halloween fear and cheer, big band mystery, big hair garnish, and a lot of musicality. And it all adds up to one melodious hippie chic design that sets the ultimate optimistic mood.

To tweak the consciousness-expanding experience even further, there’s a background layer font called Spadina Bus. Layer away and play with your colour palette until your eyes dilate and you are one with the universe, or vice versa.

Spadina was named after one of the more historic and colourful streets in downtown Toronto. The word Spadina originates from the Ojibwa word ishpadina, which roughly translates to high hill or rising land.

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