Siren Script Pro


Siren Script Pro


iren Script Pro takes its cue from a metal type called Stationers Semiscript (Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, 1899) and its countless imitations/inspirations from throughout the 20th century, particularly a variety of uncredited film faces from the 1960s.

What makes this kind of script stand out in the genre is its mixing of flourished majuscules with mostly subdued, traditional cursive minuscules. The result is a balance between formal and informal lettering, as if the letterer is applying his or her learned art without going into full-throttle calligraphy. The message is clearly and gracefully delivered, and the artistic endeavour is fully appreciated without causing serious blips on the emotional radar.

Siren Script Pro is fully loaded in terms of technology. At over 900 glyphs, it’s really the equivalent of four fonts, with plenty of built-in swashes, ligatures, and as many 8 different stylistic alternates for some forms.

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