hile working on the design of an Arabic companion to our popular Orpheus Pro, Kourosh Beigpour reached the realization that he was experiencing something familiar. Much like what had transpired with Anaqa, another Arabic design originally intended to espouse a Latin one, the design was taking on a direction of its own. It resisted the pigeonholing of aesthetic transliteration and grew far beyond simple counterpart status. Further experimentation confirmed that the resulting typeface would pair well with the vast majority of available digital serif faces, particularly the lower-contrast genres (transitional, slab).

Meet Risala (an Arabic word meaning a written letter or message), an original typeface that is just as informed by modern digital design possibilities as it is by the natural calligraphic tension and flow of the classic Naskh/Muhaqqaq traditions. Unique stroke entries and exits, tight and modular wrist turns, perfectly placed cuts and crossings, comfortable connectivity and an abundance of ligatures and variants all make for one of the cleanest, most attractive and inviting Arabic settings of our times.

Risala comes in five weights, making it suitable for a wide range of design applications, big or small, print or screen. Risala VF, the variable font, is included with the complete family license.

اكتب بعض النص هنا...

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