awhide is a fresh digitization and expansion of a very popular (yet uncredited) early 1960s film type called Yippie, which was commonly used in wild west cartoons and comics.

The publishers of Lucky Luke, the famous Belgian comic series by Morris, used these bouncy letters for the titling on a few of their soft cover editions, and different variations of it were used throughout the 1970s and 1980s by cartoon classic Looney Tunes and a variety of wild west animations and comics.

It slowly disappeared without fanfare when desktop publishing became the norm. Here it is again now for the computer age, available as a high quality face in two widths with a Pan-European character set.

In short, Rawhide comes with an impressive track record, and is a must for any funny cowboy design or off the wall wild west layout.

This set of fonts contains a very expanded character set that includes support for most Latin languages (including Vietnamese), as well as Cyrillic and Greek.

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