hen Corey Holms lived in Los Angeles, he did what any serious designer would — he scrutinized the signs in his neighbourhood with extreme judgmental tendencies. Usually in such scenarios, most of the helpless signs receive eternal damnation, while very few get a brisk nod of approval. And from the nod-worthy few, one or two have the power to send a designer’s imagination meandering into the promised land. In Corey’s case, it was a neon tube sign advertising a beer brand at his local pizzeria that did the trick.

Ne10 is a monoline stencil sans family taking its inspiration from that neon sign, though without being blatant in its reference. It kicks the tubular versatility factor up a decent notch with five weights, ranging from pretty Thin to quite Bold, and plenty of included alternates. This face was made with particular attention to common usage in sizes large and small, which makes it a solid tool for bridging the gap between corporate and urban communication.

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