his is yet another one of Philip Bouwsma’s great manifestations of historical calligraphy.

Luminari is an amalgam of High Middle Ages writing, a blend that combines the ornate Church hands with the simple Carolingian from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries. Its majuscules are particularly influenced by the versals found in the famous Monmouth psalters, as well as those done by the Ramsey Abbey abbots in the twelfth century. The minuscules also exhibit some influence from the book hand of prolific humanist Poggio Bracciolini from the early fifteenth century. Italian and essentially romanesque in style, Luminari exercises a slight tension between the round forms and the angular “gothic” styling.

Luminari comes with over 730 glyphs, and includes support for the majority of Latin languages (including Vietnamese), as well as Cyrillic and Greek. Quite a few stylistic alternates are also included in the font.

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