ne would think the whole hippy thing would have died out after the knighting of Mick Jagger and the selling out of The Who. Not at Canada Type. We still occasionally read Burroughs and Ginsberg, listen to Dylan and Hendrix, and use the backyard to pretend (um, like run barefoot with the dog). And we’re always happy to make another psychedelic font. This one is based on an early 1970s film type that went by the names Hoopla and Scorpio.

Doobie is a typical hippy font that uses the simplest elements of the art nouveau genre. Bubbly and wavy, Doobie exudes an almost child-like innocence, the ever laid back, optimistic simplicity of flower power. It is right at home alongside the many other psychedelic fonts that make Canada Type the definite home of the groovy alphabet.

Far out!

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