Cotillion Pro


Cotillion Pro


otillion is an original design Jim Rimmer finished just before the turn of the century. Alongside its evidence of Jim’s nostalgia at the deco type designs he was exposed to as a child, it distinctly shows a type designer who has become very comfortable with that rarest of design abilities: Bringing efficient typographic solutions to what is essentially a calligraphic endeavour.

This design has all the elements of what made a traditional deco typeface display unmistakable elegance and luxury: The expressively low x-height, the precisely calculated upwards comfort and reserved grace of the vertical metrics, the subtle fusion of calligraphic ornamentation and clean minimalist type technique, and the unique indentity of the original lowercase flow.

Cotillion was refined and remastered to include a weath of aesthetic and functionality improvements. This Cotillion Pro set includes small caps, true italics, ligatures, seven types of figures, automatic fractions, extended Latin language support, stylistic alternates that include lowercase serif angle options, and plenty of extra OpenType features like caps-to-small-caps substitution, case-sensitive positioning, ordinals, and extended class-based kerning. At over 780 characters, each of the Cotillion Pro fonts is the equivalent of three fonts in one.

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