his is a low resolution, 8-bit alphabet imagined for our very high resolution world. Taking a cue from its name, Compunabula is an homage to outdated computer technologies, things that we have put behind us. In a world of floppy disks and cartridges, the curved line is king.

Originality and precision come naturally with a designer’s designer like Corey Holms at the helm. Compunabula is a soft grid-based face with features ranging from simple ones like shape alternation to complex contextual substitutions and seamless continuity in both individual shapes and overall setting. The typeset text flows and noodles along in a way unlike anything commonly seen. And the different weights provide plenty of possibilities for chromatic layering or turning content into colourful puzzle-like visuals. Design imagination, typographic skill and a penchant for detail are rewarded handsomely when using this typeface.

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