Busted Pro


Busted Pro


usted Pro is the very strange and out-of-character outburst of Bill Troop, a guy who was classically trained in everything, from classical piano and literature to classical photography and type design. As far as we could tell, Bill Troop is the kind of guy whose appearance and voice instantly trigger thoughts of black and white photos, fedoras, and pre-industrial age Europe. A few years ago, he even moved from the United States to England, where it took him less than a week to feel at home and start sounding like a Norwich native. Then something happened and the poor dude just snapped. Busted Pro is the controversial result of the blood rushing to his head. If you know what exactly happened to him, please let us know.

Concern, consideration and human interest story aside, Busted Pro is a fascinating thing. It is a single font with four sets of interchangeable thick outline fonts where the same letter forms turn from wild to wilder to broken to somewhat clean (in a teenager’s room kind of way). Mix them up in a setting and you have words that snarl with a sneer. Life’s too short. Take it all with a grain of salt. Scream whenever you feel like it.

Busted Pro is rigged with an OpenType pseudo-randomizer in the contextual alternates feature, which you can disable or enable anywhere in your setting for maximum visual shock just the way you like it. Works just as well in PAL or SECAM. Don’t be fooled by imitations, and don’t get caught with your drawers down.

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