uillotine is inspired by an uncredited early 1970s film face called Rhythm Bold. While the original film type had plenty of round forms that were uneven and somewhat badly drawn to fit within the overwhelming pop wave of the time, this digital incarnation disposes of all curves, relies on a much sharper grid, and adheres to specific parameters of stroke widths and angles.

Guillotine is a thick poster classic, mechanically constructed with a very slight hint at the idiosyncratic traits of hand drawing. An unlikely cross between the psychedelic and the checkbook, its forms embody the amalgamation of a multitude of influences, such as woodcut letters, punch card forms, and the unique art nouveau concepts that flourished in the 1960s and 1970s. The totality of the font is a strong display aesthetic that plays very well anywhere the eye is meant to see a strong but casual, sharp but hand crafted message.

Guillotine comes with over 370 glyphs. It contains some stylistic alternates and support for the majority of Latin languages.

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