Now that the website update has been done, we’ve got a lot of work to catch up on. Curating our library and updating our older offerings are now part of our daily routine. That and other exciting new things are in store. So here’s an update on what’s happening. […]

What We’re Doing

Now that our new website is up and running, we can just sit back and entertain ourselves into a stupor, right? That college lifestyle has been behind us for decades now, so of course we know better than that. What we’re going to do is keep making things — fonts for the most part — and curating/improving things.

Font updates

The curation and improvement part will be ongoing for a while. In fact, quite a few of the fonts already up on the site have been updated to the our latest standards, which we like to believe are slightly ahead of the curve. Some come with redrawn outlines, better fitting, expanded character sets and new or optimized features. From now on, whenever you see an older font or family of ours added the site, chances are it had undergone some kind of remastering before rejoining our library. The idea here is to offer our font users the best quality we can give them. Sometimes we look at revisiting our older fonts with a tune-up or an outright overhaul in mind as our way of making amends for the sins of our youth, though of course it’s nowhere near as melodramatic as that — unless we’ve got a particular kind of organ music playing in the background.

Priorities & the food chain

The faces in the remastering shop right now are too many to count here, and we can’t really offer a solid ETA on them, simply because we’re doing them as time allows for such activity. Custom/bespoke font work is really our daily bread and butter. But new releases and remastering older stuff sit closely next in line. So you will certainly be seeing some older fonts spiffed up and added to the site when you check in every once in a while.

That being said, we are also working on new stuff. We’ve got some pretty cool fonts in the works, so you’ll also be seeing updates about new releases. We’re currently debating the possible consequences and time-efficiency of doing journal entries showing work in progress — which would really be akin to making lofty promises we may or may not be able to keep.


And of course there’s our involvement in education, which is also ongoing. This year things are getting quite exciting on that front. There’s a plan underway to put together a web site about Canadian typography, historic and otherwise. The initiative is Rod McDonald’s, and it looks like people from all over the country will be working with him to build this massive thing. We’re naturally very excited to be aboard this ship.

Speaking of education, this summer Patrick will be in a gorgeous part of upstate New York to give a week-long type design workshop, part of the Wells Book Art Center’s 2019 Summer Institute. Do sign up if you’ve got the time and interest. It will be a lot of fun, an intensive hands-on class at an amazing locale, full of book arts and type history.